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Vacation Rental on Lake LBJ
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Granite Shoals, Texas

Peaceful Roost

1) Cove View from Backyard

This picture was taken in the winter from the backyard picnic table looking out into the cove. We like to eat our lunch in the backyard shaded by the several large trees on the property and watching for turtles, fish jumping in the water the three geese which live nearby.
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2) Cove View from Master Bedroom Patio

This is the same view as above as seen from the master bedroom patio. In the next picture the master bedroom is the downstairs sliding class door on the right.
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3) Back of the House

This is the back of the house which faces water. The master bedroom is the downstairs sliding glass door on the right (picture 4). The tile bedroom is the sliding glass door on the left. The upstairs balacony is the upstairs living area.
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4) Master Bedroom King Bed

The master bedroom has a King bed. The view through the sliding class door at the foot of the bed can be seen in picture 3 above.
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5) Tile Bedroom with Queen Bed

Like the Master bedroom above, this tiled bedroom has sliding class door at the foot of the bed which leads to the back patio. The door is the one on the left when looking at the back of the house in picture 3 above. The room has a double bed.
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6) Front Bedroom

The third bedroom is in the front of the house and has a double bed with a single upper bunk.
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7) Kitchen

How can a house in "Granite" Shoals not have counter tops made from stone out of the local quarry? While it is not a fancy kitchen it has everything you need and there is a Vermont Castings gas grill out on the balcony.

Of course since you are on vacation you may not want to cook. There are plenty of restaurants within a 10 minute drive. There is everything from traditional Texas to Caribbean seafood to upscale gourmet. Let us know if you would like a recommendation.

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8) Living Room

The living room and dining area are on the second floor in an open space from which everyone can enjoy the peaceful cove view. The Kitchen is behind the futon sofa in the front corner.
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9) Boat Slip

Lake LBJ is a constant level lake, thanks to the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA). This means the LCRA keeps the water within a stated 18" of the level in this picture, and we've never seen it more than about 5" below this level. The docking area was updated in the spring 2008 with new stairs and a nice sidewalk. Because the cove which faces Peaceful Roost is a no wake zone guests can safely leave their boat in the water for the duration of their stay. There is also plenty of space to park the boat trail on the half acre surrounding Peaceful Roost.
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10) Public Boat Ramp

Lake LBJ is a constant level lake, thanks to the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA). Because of this some things are just easier on this lake such as getting your boat into the water. Here is the public boat ramp which is just around the corner from the Peaceful Roost.
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